Shore Performance LLC

Whether you are looking to move into outsourcing for the first time, need to expand or need to fix your outsourcing system, The Shore Performance team is dedicated to designing only the best in outsourcing technologies. Who we are: Founded in 2001 in New Jersey, Shore Performance was formed when a group of outsourcing professionals came together with a commitment to high quality call center development, personal service, and cost saving innovation in this exciting field. Throughout these last ten years, our team has helped hundreds of small and medium businesses streamline their customer service and processing systems by using outsourcing agents. With offices in Hamilton, NJ USA as well as Manila, Philippines, we can cater to any business and setup any custom outsourcing network for you. What we do: Outsourcing call centers, customer service representatives and back office processing is not just for large corporations, small and medium businesses can benefit highly from these services as well. Entrusting your customer service calls and paper work to someone else will help you spend your precious time doing what is really important – growing your business and moving forward. We are Outsourcing Specialists, dedicated to showing you how you can benefit from outsourcing customer service and providing you with the facilities to make you more competitive in this global economy.

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